Digital Photography

Artwork Photography Digital Pricing Terms

We can use digital cameras to produce digital images of your works. Digital photography works in much the same way as normal photography, only it is much more versatile, not only does it eliminate the need for films and their processing as well the need for as scanning, but the images produced can be uploaded from the camera onto a computer and adjusted according to your needs. Digital Images can be sent by e-mail to your potential clients or directly published on the web. They can also be printed onto promotional cards or portfolio and can even be outputted onto a CD ROM and used for a CD-ROM portfolio.
Slides, transparency and photographs scanning
We can scan 35mm slides and negatives, transparencies up to 5”x4” and photographs  to a maximum size of A4 from your artworks. They are suitable for your archives,  web page, promotional CD ROM or printed presentation portfolio. 
Digital Artist’s Portfolio
By using digital images of your artworks together with your chosen text we can design a presentation portfolio. This can be done on a CD ROM in the form of a slide show or printed on high quality photographic paper and bound in a presentation folder.
Digital Artist’s Portfolio Options
Portfolio using digital images only
Portfolio using combination of digital and slides/transparencies/photographs scanned in-house and put on a CD ROM
Artists’ Archives
We can scan your old and new images produced on slides, transparencies and photographs in-house and put them onto a CD ROM


Digital Photography only :

Expenses + Photographer’s fee 

Half day photographer’s fee

£ 70.00

Full day photographer’s fee

£ 150.00

Adjusting images in Photoshop

from £ 20.00

CD ROM per copy

£ 03.00

Travel cost (if outside London)




Photographer’s fee
This is based on the time needed to complete the photographic session and  whether or not more than one camera format is used during one photographic session. The time depends on the quantity of artworks and/or any special requirements you may have. Please consult the photographer beforehand if you have any specific requirements. He may need to see the artworks before he can give any advice.

Half day photographer’s fee                            £70.00
when up to 20 artworks can be photographed

If combination of different camera formats including digital camera are used during one photo session add £10.00 per format + Expenses
see Traditional Photography)