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Our objective is to capture the individuality of a performer in such way that results in a unique, natural and striking headshot photograph.
In order for us to produce a headshot or spotlight photograph that best  represents you, we would ask you to please follow these simple guidelines:


  • Research your market – go and see shows, see headshots on display or in programs, see the latest trends in your field.
  • Be physically and mentally prepared for the shoot – eat healthily, exercise and have a plenty of sleep weeks before.
  • Relax and avoid too much stress.
  • Bring your favourite music.
  • It is best to avoid drinking alcohol or take any other drug before the shoot.
  • If you want to have your hair cut have it done few weeks before the session.
  • Don’t forget your hands and nails. Nails should be manicured

Call or e-mail us to arrange a free consultation to discuss your specific needs including clothing, hair and make up. Bring along any pictures of you that were done before so we can see what is the best pose or angle to photograph you from. It is also useful to bring headshot pictures you liked of a friend or someone else so we can use a similar pose or lighting arrangement in your photograph.
Make an appointment for the shoot and bring the essentials as discussed. Hair and make up can be done at the session for extra charge. It is good to look as natural as possible and have your hair and make up done before the session yourself, a make up artist and hairstylist can then just do a touch up..